Produktion von Spargeln, Haas-Avocados und Blueberries

Talsa is a family company that was born in the year 1992, in the deserted valleys of Trujillo. Rafael Quevedo, the founder of our company, is the one who made possible all the agriculture that now exists in that area of the north of Peru. Rafael was the pioneer in the implantation of trickle irrigation in the desert of Trujillo, as he brought the irrigation equipments to Peru and proved them by seeding asparagus in those difficult lands.

As the month pass, they didn't only realized that the trickle irrigation worked marvelous in growing asparagus, but this vegetables had a very good quality.
Talsa started with twenty hectares, and hasn't stop growing since that day. Today, we count with 580 hectares of Hass avocados that are actually in production, and 140 hectares that are in growing process. In the case of the asparagus, we have 512.4 hectares for the white variety and 61.3 hectares for the green one. Finally, the blueberries are in an area of 125 hectares, and this year we are sowing 200 hectares. In the year 2013 we produced 8 tons of white asparagus, 7300 tons of Avocados and 380 tons of blueberries.


  • Straße: Carretera Industrial a Laredo Km 1.5, El Palmo
  • Ort: Trujillo
  • Bundesland: La Libertad
  • Land: Peru


  • Telefon: +51 1 3120500
  • Fax: +51 1 4759896

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